Emu Eggs

Emu Logic emu eggs have all been collected from our farmed birds. We collect the eggs once a day during the laying season which runs between April and September. The eggs are graded by weight. We will incubate some of the eggs. The rest are washed for eating fresh or have the contents blown out for decorative purposes.

Emu eggs come in a variety of shapes sizes and textures. Because of this we have standardised the eggs we send as best we can:
-All eggs sent are between 550g and 700g when full
-All eggs have a single 7mm hole in their base
-All eggs are dark green in colour
All eggs have our licence number as required by National Park Legislation
Something to be aware of with emu eggs is they will change colour over time due to the effects on the shell of UV light. Emu eggs left in the sun will become black and then bleached white if left in full sun over a year. If you want to keep the dark green for as long as possible keep it out of direct sunlight.