Emu Oil

All Emu Logic emu oil comes from our family owned and run farm at the base of the Warrumbungle Mountains. We are now rendering our own emu oil through an approved facility on farm and to ensure a consistantly good product each batch will be tested through a National testing facility.

Emu Logic emu oil is a pure natural product which has no additives.  Our emu oil only contains 100% emu oil. It is a sustainable and natural way to help you or your pet’s skin and joints.

Emu oil Contains:
70% unsaturated fatty acids. The major fatty acid found in emu oil is oleic acid, which is mono- unsaturated and which comprises over 40% of the total fatty acid contents. Emu oil also contains both of the two essential fatty acids (EFA’s) which are important to human health: 20% linoleic, and 1-2% alpha-linolenic acid.
Fatty Acid Analysis of Emu Oil
By: Dr. Paul Smith, Dr. Margaret Craig-Schmidt, Amanda Brown at Auburn University.

•    Vitamin E -a major antioxidant and healing agent.
•    Vitamin A- known skin repairer and antioxidant.
•    Vitamin K2- helps regulate the calcium distribution in the body, improving bone health and reducing the build-up of calcium in the arteries
•    Linoleic acid- which eases muscle aches and joint pains.
•    Oleic acid- helps with skin cell regeneration.
•    Sapogens - softens the skin.
•    Terpines- known antiseptics
•    Omega 3-6+9

Other Proprieties in our Emu oil include:

Emu oil is bacteriostatic, [it grows no bacterial organisms] so can work as a complete package promoting faster healing of the skin with anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating agents for skin problems.
The anti-inflammatory effect in pure emu oil has the ability to help with swelling, stiffness in joints, bruising and muscle pains. Check out our testimonials from people that have enjoyed the benefits of our oil.
Emu Oil is an effective lubricant and massage oil. As a massage oil, it is wonderful for relieving aches and stiff joints to leave a lasting massage experience.

All of our oil is natural so may change slightly in colour with each batch as we don't over-refine our oil. This keeps the natural benefits as complete as regulations allow. Being pure rendered fat
Emu Oil will thicken when cold. To use the Oil during cold months store your 100ml or 250ml on their lids or in a warm spot. Treat your emu oil like honey but don't microwave it as you may overheat and break down the oils medicinal properties. It is best to put the bottle in a warm spot, be it a bowl of hot water or in your pocket until it melts.

For animals:
The anti-inflammatory effects of emu oil have been found to help other animals not just humans. Most dogs will lick the oil off if applied to the skin- we recommend the easiest way to administer the oil is by a measured dose from the pump bottle on their food once a day. Emu oil has helped with healing and swelling, stiffness in joints, bruising and muscle pains. So if your dog doesn't like the taste, use it as you would yourself by applying to the affected area. All our emu oil is human grade with nothing added.
Horses have also been found to benefit from the use of pure emu oil with wound healing. As a bonus some people have found that flies seem to stay away from the treated site. Pure emu oil rubbed into their joints can help with movement as it does for us.