Product Info

Emu Logic products are all produced on our farm (except for the soaps) from our own birds so you can be sure that our Pure Emu Oil is Australian oil and meets all regulations set down by our government from animal welfare to the rendering of the oil.
Emu Oil-  All of our Emu Oil is just pure emu fat rendered down with nothing else added to it. All the bottles are the same, they just come in different sizes. Please see our Emu Oil page for more info.
Emu Soaps- Our soaps are made in Sydney to ensure the plain soap contains no contaminants for sensitive skin. Ingredients are natural plant extracts and emu oil, as well as colours and scents in the tee tree and boronia soaps.We also have a No Nit Soap as well as a Pet Soap which incorporate Emu Oil and plant extracts but also include a number of natural essentials oils.
Lip Balms- The Emu Oil lip balms all have 3 natural ingredients, Pure Emu Oil, Beeswax and Coconut Oil, so users have a fresh smooth product experience. The pomegranate and vanilla balms also have a lovely scent added to them.
Skin- The Skin Balm incorporates Pure Emu Oil with Beeswax and Tee Tree oil which is a great combination to help cracked fingers and feet.
Emu Eggs- The blown emu eggs are the shells of eggs picked up each day on our farm. They are cleaned and blown with one hole in the bottom for a clean look.
Emu Feathers- Feathers and feather products are collected, cleaned, hand sorted and packaged by Nicole so when you order you know you will get what you expected. This is part of our policy that as much of the bird is used as possible.
Leather & Timber Wax-  Emu Oil added with Beeswax and eucalyptus oil makes a great wax to restore and protect any leather or timber product.


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